About us


ZEGRIR B2B platform for commercial exchanges. If you are an importer, exporter, commercial agent, service provider, logistics company or even if you have a factory or production facility of a certain product … We are by your side to offer you support and we look forward to being a key reference for you as well as a good companion to build your brand on the internet and open the door to market your products in order to facilitate business transactions with your customers with the existence of millions of products and competing companies. As we well know, Algeria's geostrategic position enables it to be a gateway to Africa, linking Europe and Africa through the Mediterranean. Therefore, we are keen to help you and provide you with efficient communication channels to connect with your partners and customers in various regional and international markets. We look forward to seeing you among our customers.

Our seven (07) free services are:

· 1 - Passionate technical team ready to answer your calls.

· 2 - Sending a representative to explain you how our website works.

· 3 - A technical team of photographers to professionally take photos of your products. (this process is done whenever there is a new product and as long as you are subscribed).

· 4 - Sorting, adjusting and lay out of texts by a dedicated team.

· 5 - Translation of texts and the content of all supplier’s details into several languages by the editorial and translation team.

· 6 - Display of your company on ZEGRIR website to be viewed by thousands of visitors.

· 7 - E-marketing through advertisement on social networks, internet search engines, marketing and promoting the efficiency of your company on search engines.

- Our motto is « Contact Us and Let Us Do the Rest » .

- We aim to strengthen and develop the commercial and technical aspects with our customers to facilitate their integration into global markets with

efficiency and professionalism, in an era where specialization has become the professionalism.

- With ZEGRIR, if you are also a wholesaler, shop owner, entrepreneur, or even if you are at the market wondering about the source of a certain product... we are here to serve you and be your bridge to match you with suppliers and establish a link between you and the targeted companies by bringing you the appropriate suppliers to meet all your needs directly without mediation. We are pleased to be your steps towards the world of professionalism and success !


Our values :

From the first day the idea came to light, we have promised ourselves to ensure the credibility, professionalism, development and innovation of our services in order to gain your trust which is the core of our business. Also, working with us will be easy because we will combine the science of modern management with the precise concepts of marketing and e-commerce while committing to constantly keep pace with new technological developments to provide you with a special, unique and high quality service that is far from competitiveness and close to reality. Our goal is to get closer to your ambitions and design your future with you !